Our Story

Abibifahodie Adesuabea yɛ baabi a yɛkyerɛ abibinyansa wɔ abibikasa mu. -
'The Afrikan Liberation school is where we teach Afrikan wisdom in Afrikan languages.'


“Free your Afrikan children’s minds and Afrikan Liberation will follow.”

Dr. Ọbádélé Kambon, Co-Founder

Who We Are

Abibifahodie Adesuabea is an Afrikan-centered, Pan-Afrikan school, with a home-schooling approach to learning. We focus on educating our youth in the areas of Our Story (African history), culture, languages (Twi, Yoruba, Mdw Ntr and more), Language Arts, Fine Arts, Afrikan S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math), Agriculture, Sustainability, Sovereignty, Entrepreneurship, and more. We see all these topics as integrated and not separate, and teach them this way. Our goal is to create self-loving, problem solving, leaders for our communities.

Abibifahodie Adesuabea (Afrikan Liberation School) was officially established on September 5th, 2016, as a solution to the current anti-Afrikan school curriculums currently existing in Ghana and globally. Its precursor was a group called Legon Moms, a home school collective that was started by the late, Dr. Mikelle Pierre Antoine Bossman. The collective was then further organized into a school under the direction of Mrs. Kala Kambon, Dr. Ọbádélé Kambon, and Dr. Samori Camara.

Abibifahodie Adesuabea encompasses a learning program and entrepreneurial training school that emphasizes the utilization of the Mother Tongue in all areas of learning. It is in part a Twi immersion school that encourages children to acquire their knowledge of mathematics, science, art, literature, etc. through mainly the Twi language and other Afrikan languages. Abibifahodie Adesuabea is an Afrikan-centered school that focuses on learning from an Afrikan perspective using practical Afrikan traditional methodology.

Critical to our program is our Afrikan-centered methodology. Learning is child focused, interdisciplinary, interactive, hands-on, and communal. It is child-focused in that we gear our classes towards what interests each child. It is interdisciplinary in that each subject integrates other subjects into it. For example, math class may involve tactile activities that cross into other subjects, (such as physical education, art and mechanical engineering) that require math to complete the activity or to achieve a goal. It is interactive and communal in that children will work together to gain comprehension while learning. Our methodology is also hands-on in that we require children to learn through using the information in context rather than the traditional western methods of reading about it, copying from a board, or regurgitating back information that is given.

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The people who make Abibifahodie Adesuabea special.

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Samori Camara, PhD


Samori Camara yɛ Obibini asafo-nimdefoɔ, ɔkyerɛkyerɛfoɔ, ɔtwerɛfoɔ, abakɔsɛm nimdefoɔ, nnekyerɛ afotufoɔ a ɔsan yɛ...


Ọbádélé Kambon, PhD


Ọbádélé Kambon, PhD nyaa n’abodin a ɛtwa toɔ no (PhD) wɔ Gaana Suapon wɔ...


Kala Kambon


Kala Kambon yɛ ɛna a ɔkyerɛ ne mma mmiɛnsa abibinyansa wɔ fie. Ne mma...