Abibifahodie Adesuabea Interactive Distance Learning

African-Centered Distance Learning

What if your child could attend a school that knew how to tap into the greatness that is built into his or her DNA? What if math, science, Twi, business, language arts, and more could be taught in such a way your child could excel as a like-minded community leader as an adult?

Abibifahodie Adesuabea’s Distance Learning program involves school sessions that are led live with an instructor who has been vetted and certified by Abibifahodie Adesubea as an Afrikan-centered educator. Our education is designed to tap into and amplify the genius in your son/daughter.

Socialization while Social Distancing

What It Is

African-Centered Education

  • Afrikan-centered
  • Instructor lead
  • Interactive
  • Multisensory
  • Education
  • Teaching how to think

What It Is NOT

Anti-African Indoctrination

  • eurocentric
  • Parent assisted computer learning
  • One-directional
  • One-dimensional
  • Indoctrination
  • Teaching what to think


Online classes include

Core Course Instructor – Kala – Early childhood education administrator

Language Arts


Included Courses Subjects

Twi language – Dr. Ọbádélé Kambon – world-renowned Twi professor
Our Story (history) – Dr. Ọbádélé Kambon – world-renowned professor African studies professoer
Capoeira – Dr. Ọbádélé Kambon – master instructor
Art – Nana Adwoa – Acclaimed Chale Wote festival artist
Youthpreneurs – Sister Nataki – veteran small business consultant and Black economic empowerment activist

Abibifahodie Adesuabea Distance Learning

How It Works

1. Children come online to learn and engage together live with instructors


2. Children socialize and engage in a mutisensory environment that emphasizes online and offline activities


3. Children get an African-centered educational experience that prepares them to be impactful leaders in our community as adults.

“You all can not know how much it has meant to have our children out of that public school. It used to keep me up at night. You don’t know. I am thankful and happy every day that they are in a school that is inline with the values we teach in our household.”


Frequently Asked Questions

How is distance learning different than "online classes"

Remote classes are usually online self-guided/go-at-your-own-pace classes. Parents usually have to do the bulk of the teaching and explanation.

Our distance learning is instructor lead. This allows instructors to monitor how their instruction is being absorbed and they can adjust to the learning needs of the students. Abibifahodie instructors guide instruction with an interactive plan that focuses on ensuring each child is learning and engaging.

I work remotely all day. Do I have to help teach?

No. While we encourage parents to be involved in the learning process, the school is set up in such a way the education is coming from the instructor.

Yes, you can be involved but you are not expected to become your child’s primary instructor while you are managing your day.

How long is the summer session?

The summer session starts in May and ends at the close of July.

What do I need for my child to participate?

Here is a partial list

  • A working device tablet/laptop/desktop with suffient hard drive space and memory
  • MS Office or Open Office
  • Consistent and stable High-speed Internet
  • A room where children can learn and engage in the interactive classes

Upcoming Sessions

May – July


2020-2021 Session   September – May